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Puerto Galera features a reef system that is home to a remarkable assortment of ocean life. The variety of corals, anemones and underwater fauna is worldclass. Visibility averages 70 to 100 feet (20 to 30 meters) all year. Water temperature ranges from 80° to 90°F (25° to 29°C). The area offers beautiful beaches and excellent snorkeling as well, with lush coral gardens and abundant marine life close to shore.

Manila Channel Excellent for beginners, this dive follows beautiful coral along the edge of a shallow drop off. There are several different types of anemones with Clownfish, Lion fish, Sea Stars, Christmas Tree Worms and lot's of small colorful reef fish.

Coral Garden Another good dive for novices also offers superb snorkeling. The terrain shelves out from the beach to 10m (32ft). Lot's of corals, both stony and soft with larger coral heads in deeper water. Plenty of crevices with Moray eels and occasional immature Whitetip reef sharks.

Batangas Channel A great drift dive on a flood, there are shoals of Jacks, Sweetlips, Snappers and Fusiliers. There are several small reef fish, Stingrays and the occasional Whitetip or Gray Reef shark.

Sweetlip Cave An unforgettable dive for the very experienced diver. Sweetlip Cave is actually a cavern that has a tunnel branching out from it, bringing you back to the reef. A school of Sweetlips is always there to greet you at the end of the tunnel.

Lalaguna Point Depth 8-16m (25-50ft). A short wall with lots of beautiful coral, teaming with small reef fish, Nudibranchs, anemones and colorful Crinoids

St-Christopher Wreck Depth: 15-22m (48- 70ft). An old wooden cargo boat used to haul San Miguel beer from Manila to Puerto Galera, it sits upright on a sandy bottom. Plenty of Lion fish, Snapper and assorted reef fish call the St-Chris home.

Sabang Wreck and Chuck's Wreck Depth: 14-22m (45-70ft) Within a one minute swim of each other these two wrecks lie on a white sand bottom. A school of Batfish and Surgeon fish hang around waiting for handouts - bananas being their desired cuisine. Lion fish, Morays and smaller reef fish are in abundance. Also nearby are the remains of a Japanese fighter plane (Zero), a good spot to find Frog fish.

Sabang Point Depth: 5-24m (16-76ft). A beautiful wall dropping to 24m (76ft) with stony corals, soft corals and heaps of fish and invertebrates. A ridge coming up from the wall is covered with even more corals and colorful Crinoids.night dive.

Monkey Wreck Depth: 35-40m (115-130ft) This is a great deep dive for the advanced diver. A 20m (65ft) island transport (pig boat) sank in 1993. It has plenty of soft corals and is home to Batfish, Snapper, Sweetlips and Rays.

Monkey Beach Depth: 5-22m (17-70ft) A magnificent coral slope down to 22m (70ft) makes for a nice leisurely dive. It's covered in small coral heads which are home to Crinoids, Nudibranchs, a couple of turtles and plenty of colorful reef fish.

Dungeon Wall Depth: 10-30m (33-100ft) Makes for a spectacular drift dive. Fish life is in abundance, with shoals of Surgeon fish, Unicorn fish, Fusiliers and Jacks as well as smaller reef fish. Plenty of coral, sponges and small Gorgonian sea fans

Sky Dive Depth: 5-27m (17-90ft) Makes for an absolutely spectacular drift dive. Completely covered with corals which include very large Table coral, Boulder coral and Christmas-Tree worms, blue and yellow sponges, large Barrel sponges, Nudibranchs and colorful Crinoids. You can see Groupers, Puffer fish and Trumpet fish, shoals of Snapper, Jacks, Fusilliers, Sweetlips, Moorish Idols and Lion fish.

Hole in the Wall Depth: 10-20m (33-65ft) Allowing for currents, you drop into fields of Table corals as good as anywhere in the world, eventually reaching the Hole in the Wall which is a large swim through. The area teams with assorted reef fish, Angel fish and Butterfly fish. There are Moray eels, shoals of Parrot fish, Pennant fish, Moorish Idols, Sweetlips, Trumpet fish, Lion fish and Jacks, plus some Tuna and Groupers.

The Canyons Depth: 24-35m (80-120ft) You drift past the Hole in the Wall and find yourself in a series of canyons. A high voltage dive teaming with just about every type of coral and fish life imaginable. Hold on and watch the show... This is a world class dive.

The Fish Bowl Depth:40-45m (130-145ft) Another dive site for the experienced. This is a bowl-shaped depression with just about everything - in quantity. The main reason for this dive however, is to see bigger fish and shoals. Sharks, occasionally Hammerheads, large Tuna, Barracuda, Jacks and groupers are common.

Shark Cave Depth: 25-30m (80-95ft)This is an overhang where Whitetip Reef sharks rest up for the day. Nearby is an Atoll-shaped rock where Hammerheads and the occasional Whale Shark have been spotted.

Kilima Drift Depth: 10-30m (33-95ft) This is an exhilarating 1.5 km drift dive done when the tide is ebbing. You'll sail past canyons and walls covered in coral, through schools of Barracuda, Jacks, Tuna and small reef fish.

Verde Island Drop OffDepth: 5-65m (15-200ft) Located about a 30 minute boat ride away. Verde is a spectacular wall with large soft corals, Gorgonian sea fans and all the fish life you expect in such a situation. World class.

Dry Dock Depth: 24-30m (80-100ft) Sunk in 1998, this is a huge steel construction which lies on a sandy bottom. Along with 2 nearby coral reefs it's teaming with marine life. One of it's main attractions is a giant barracuda which resides here.

The Alma-Jane Wreck NEW! Depth: 25-30m (66-100ft) Sunk in 2003, this is a beautiful steel cargo ship measuring over 30m (99ft) in length. It sits upright, providing us with easy access to the ship's hold. Makes for a wonderful swim-through! Large snapper, lionfish and batfish are just a few of the critters found on the Alma-Jane.


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